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About Creative Behavior Solutions


Welcome to Creative Behavior Solutions, LLC

At Creative Behavior Solutions, LLC we believe that every child has the right to learn, that families deserve memorable moments, and that even the smallest achievements can lead to life-changing events. 


Founded in 2013, we pride ourselves on the small achievements that lead up to a lifetime of success. Whether it is graduating from high school or independently greeting their family as they walk into the room, CBS recognizes that every child deserves the chance to learn. Through our individualized behavior plans, we are able to meet the learner at their level and use their strengths to build up their weaknesses. Our “shoes off” approach allow both our clients and staff to relax and laugh their way through therapy while providing the structure and consistency needed for success. 

With staff coming from across the state and around the world, CBS provides culturally competent, evidenced practices that grow as our clients do. Always looking towards the future, we tailor today’s targets to the goals of tomorrow with programming that builds seamlessly into the next. 


Our Philosophy
Teacher and Young Student

At CBS we believe that the most effective treatment plans are those that involve the whole family. Our Client’s family members are trained to correctly implement our programs and are an essential part of the treatment team.

Women Owned Business

In 2018, Creative Behavior Solutions, LLC's founders, Adrianne and Brit were recognized by the SCORE foundation as the Women-Owned Business of the year. Click here to hear their story of success

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