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What to Expect at the Clinic  

Drop Off

Upon arrival at our clinic, you and your child will be greeted by your Behavior Technician in the lobby. You will have an opportunity to provide important updates on your child’s day, how they are doing, or any changes that you feel may help with the days therapy session. You have the option of staying to observe the session, hang out in the lobby or to drop your child off with us. Our facility is a locked unit with individualized keyed entry, so enjoy some me time knowing they are having fun and staying safe.

During the Session

Your child will begin their session playing and building a positive relationship with their technician while finding friends to engage in play activities with. Your child will have opportunities to participate in large and small group activities from singing songs, dancing, or playing card games with peers, all while working on developing group participation skills.  They may also participate in art projects with their friends, where they can work on creative learning skills and have fun while doing it.

Your child will have many opportunities for individualized learning both at the table and within the play environment with their technician.  During these learning opportunities, your child will be working on personalized skill acquisition programs that are specifically designed for their individual skill levels. In between table times, they will be able to play with their friends, focus on daily living skills, and work on social skills.


When you arrive for pick-up, you are more than welcome to walk into the therapy room to find your child and see them as they are finishing up their session. Your technician will debrief you on the entire session and relay any important information.  But most of all, they will tell you about all of the progress your child is making and celebrate wins and exciting news from the day. 


Our facility is a nurturing place where we have created a spacious, open environment. Your children will have opportunities to engage in social interactions with their peers and practice communication, social, and play skills. Our facility contains rooms such as a kitchen and two bathrooms where clients can practice daily living skills and self-care such as brushing teeth, washing hands, changing clothes, washing dishes, preparing meals, and much more.

Your child will have a consistent treatment team who will provide individualized one-on-one therapy. Every child has a personalized plan that is tailored to the specific and unique needs of the child. Behavior and intervention plans are chosen based upon a proven and scientifically researched method.


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