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Kids with Capes


ACT is a treatment team that is designed to meet your child’s specific needs. Each team is made up of Directors, Behavior Consultants, Behavior Therapists, Interns, and of course the parents.


Why is this a perk?

It allows for better treatment efficacy, more fun and creative treatment ideas, and most of all, better results.

How does it work?

Your Behavior Consultants and Behavior Technicians will provide services on a regular weekly schedule. Your team meets weekly with the Directors to review your child’s progress and address areas that need improvement, including parent feedback. This allows for less behavioral drift and more cohesive treatment.

Teacher and Student


Each child has their treatment plan and a team of therapists who will work one on one with your child, helping them reach their unique goals and have fun along the way! We offer 1:1 therapy from 9am-6pm Monday through Friday.



This program is geared towards learning the skills needed to be successful in the classroom. Each child has a 1:1 therapist and the class is taught by a specialized Pre-K teacher. This program runs from 9 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday.

Kids in Preschool
Juicy Bite

From picky eaters to food rejection, our specialty-trained feeding team has seen it all.  We use your child's natural reinforcers to help them enjoy eating and expand their eating repertoire.  Using behavior principles we identify why your child isn't eating, then tailor treatment for success. 

Gay Couple with their Son

Children don't come with manuals. Let our Behavior Analysts help you identify and appropriately approach your child's behaviors. We will teach you specific techniques for your child as well as general behavior principles.  Insurances are insisting that parents be involved in treatment, and we've been doing that for years.



Creative Behavior Solutions has teamed up with We Rock the Spectrum- Clearwater to offer social skills groups for preteen and a group for early elementary school-age children. We work on everything from making friends, identifying bullies, to tricky people, and safety skills. Our classes run for six weeks from 5:30 pm -6:30 pm. 

Top View of Kids Playing
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