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Common Teaching Techniques

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

We take advantage of every opportunity we have to teach in the natural environment, whether it is interpersonal skills, social skills, play skills, or daily living skills. Even when your child is away from the learning table, they are still learning and growing. When your child is playing, we find ways to turn that play into a learning opportunity. For example, if your child is playing with a ball, we can teach everything from how to play with a ball with friends or alone, naming what you can do with a ball, and pointing out the characteristics of the ball. 

Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

Your child will have individualized learning periods at their own personal work table. These teaching sessions are completed sporadically throughout the session and focus on developing skills in language, motor function, academic, and positive behavior change. Skills are broken down into manageable steps that will build into larger skills.

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